The Hessian Goes Home Part 2: The Church

During our travels to see where the family came from, we saw the small town nearby Buchenberg (marked with a “B”) where John Henry was from. This nearby town was called Kirchlotheim (marked with a “C”).

The family records we were sent by our diligent cousins said that Buchenberg did not have its own church, so they traveled to Kirchlotheim for marriages, baptisms, funerals, etc.

The church itself was built AFTER John Henry came to the U.S., so clearly he never stepped foot there. But it’s possible (likely) that his siblings and nephews and nieces did. This church was modest, and there were two memorials in the back yard to those locals who gave their lives in the World Wars. No Galls are listed, but there is a Wolf listed. One of John Henry’s grandmothers was a Wolf according to the family tree, so another possible family connection. The church was locked, so we were not able to venture inside sadly.


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