Developing inertia

To any of my loyal readers (ha ha, I can imagine such a thing exists) who have checked, you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity for the last year-plus. I don’t have much of an excuse or explanation beyond “life”. Day to day life has a way of sapping energy and time and other resources that one would normally apply to beloved pastimes. And it has over the last year or so.

I was writing consistently, working on a novel and also producing a short story and novella on the side, and then it all just stopped. No particular reason, just that creeping inertia of not doing something. First you miss a day, then a second, then a month has gone by… and all of a sudden it’s a distant memory.

There were days in the intervening months when I thought “Why haven’t I written any?” followed by “I should write!” followed by “What’s the point?”

Enough of that. I self-identify as a WRITER and above all else, a writer WRITES.

The fictioneering still hasn’t restarted, but I hope to soon. And the blogging hasn’t really, either, hence this post.

The new goal: one blog post a week. What will the blog cover? I offer no guarantees beyond my own meandering interests: history, fitness, sword & sorcery, travel, military topics, craft beers, books, movies, music and games I like, and sundry other topics.

The point here is to get the fingers on the keys and write something, anything really, in the hope the fiction writing will jumpstart again. It’s my way of sharpening the feather tips and boiling the walnuts. I’m not quite to a place of putting quill to parchment yet, but I’m getting there.


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