Time to vote


It’s time to save democracy. Go vote. Straight-ticket Democrat. We have a window, a small one, but a window nonetheless.

The window closes when the polls do. The President’s party has both houses of Congress. It’s imperative we flip the House and the Senate to check his reckless ambitious.

Vote. It’s what Captain America would want.

Cap America snow.jpg


Sometimes the title is all you need

Ever run into a work whose title tells you all you need to know about the work? Snakes on a Plane, an album titled “Greatest Hits” or “Live!” or John Dies At The End.

Of course, there’s still surprises, the title cannot communicate the entirety of the work, but sometimes the title tells you the big picture of the work succinctly.

With the right title, an audience can know if the work is a perfect fit or not. I found one recently that turned out to be a perfect fit for me: Dracula vs. Hitler by Patrick Sheane Duncan.

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